Friday, December 31, 2010

a very spoony christmas

nikki and i exchanged xmas gifts last night. first she opened these special nerdy nom-noms i baked her:

vegan pacman sugar cookies! she freaked out. she immediately started playing with them, exclaiming, “wokka wokka wokka wokka wokka...pew!pew!pew!pew!” the recipe i used turned out wonderful--everyone who tried them agreed they taste way better than non-vegan sugar cookies.

then i opened the crazy amazingness she made me:

this obviously needs to be dissected and explained, starting with the doll:

with an executioner’s mask over its head because its face was making people uncomfortable. here’s the doll without the bag:

nikki knows i love creepy weird shit like this. the doll’s clothes appear to be handmade and they look like clothes i would wear. i should probably make human-sized versions so i can dress up to match, then start bringing her with me everywhere i go...really horrify/worry some people.

you’ll notice that her nose and mouth are mere vestigial lumps; she breathes through the perforations in her scalp.

also notice she’s rocking a pretty badass mullet.

i haven’t come up with a proper name for her yet...that’s going to take a lot of serious consideration.

on to the bag...a cute li’l monster face with intestine handles, AND:

skellington insides!

on a lining of patchwork faux-leather.

i love the eyes especially.

practically everything i made for her ended up being edible or drinkable, except for the little drawstring pirate gift bag. i gave her the cookies, two jars of preserves, some fabric, and:

a bottle of fish house punch. she’s calling it “fish juice.” when i was really young i wouldn’t touch the stuff because i assumed it actually tasted like fish.

side note, i designed a couple labels for gift bottles of punch, one using random google images to illustrate the name, and this one with a photo i took of a rainbow trout.

here’s nikki and her girlfriend angela holding up the tshirt quilt nikki made her for xmas...i totally forgot to donate a shirt to the cause :( but obviously she ended up with plenty. here’s ang doing the happy quilt dance:

i have so many more fun xmas photos i want to post...i don’t know when i’m going to find time because january is looking pretty busy. today i have to finish cleaning and organizing around the house, then i’m going to a new year’s get-together, then my cousin kelly arrives tomorrow morning for a four-day visit, then a few days later jason and i are going to mccall for about a week around his birthday, then my birthday happens (quarter century! damn...). plus i still have four more christmases to celebrate with people and more gifts to make because i haven’t been working as hard as i should. december flew by and i bet the next month will too.