Monday, February 28, 2011

growing on now at the munchie patch

march starts in fifteen minutes! yaaay! spring begins in just three weeks, and one month from now the sun will be setting after 8pm!!! that is a higher quantity of exclamation marks than i 'm willing to use for just about anything. i might wet myself.

i toured zamzow’s today and ogled seeds and garden paraphernalia. (actually i did more than ogle.) and tonight i started a huge batch of seeds, since it’s not too ridiculously early anymore.

i added a second repurposed shower caddy to my window to accommodate more seedling cups. pretty soon the sun will have moved high enough that i can start colonizing the downstairs south-facing windows. (right now they’re partially shaded by a giant pine tree.)

the mushroom kit finally put out a new group of babies. i was about to give up on it when i spotted them.

outside, the parsley plants are making new growth already (these photos are from two weeks ago),

so are the strawberries,

and chives have been growing slowly since late january.

pansies reseeded themselves all over the place last summer, and some of them are starting to bloom. it's so fabulous to see green leaves and flowers again!