Monday, September 26, 2011

first harvest monday of autumn

this weekend jason and i went to our friend rifka’s house in king hill for a harvest/equinox celebration. we feasted, foraged, played music, wandered, relaxed, feasted some was so lovely, i’ll put up photos once i finish them.

i’ve harvested a lot since last week. many of my plants are having their second (or third, or fourth) wind, like this monster zucchini plant:

if you can believe it this has been growing since april. outdoors, using a fishbowl for a cloche early on when frost was still an issue. it started squashing in june, and i wish i kept track of how many zukes it least 50. the stem split into two vines, and it keeps growing in both directions.

just in the last week it’s put out seven zucchini, with two more growing now. that’s more than most weeks, but not by much. and i'm still not tired of them.

all three of my eggplants are blooming and fruiting again.

so are the strawberries.

ground cherries are dropping more than ever.

future salsa verde: my first big harvest of green tomatillos.

and the very first ripe purple one. little late, but i’ll take it.

the citrus fruits show no sign of wanting to ripen anytime soon. it’s almost time to move the plants inside. they’ve grown so much from the tiny twigs that came in the mail six months ago.

happy autumn everyone!