Sunday, March 27, 2011

boise flower & garden show 2011

i almost didn’t go this year but i’m glad i did. the weather has been so rainy and so crappy lately, it was a nice break to step into this giant building where it’s (simulated) late spring/early summer and everything’s in bloom.

i wish i had the patience to grow a bonsai tree. maybe someday.

^ my mom pointed out that these orchids look like beaker from the muppets.

^ neat repurposing of an old chicken feeder. there was a long stretch of tables filled with creative planters--a golf club bag, for instance, and a kitchen sink. i'd love to find a vintage clawfoot bathtub someday and plant things in it...actually i'd need to find two, because if i found just one i'd probably use it as a bathtub.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring is taking its damn time outside, but inside...

two new things bloomed today: tomato (yay!), and jelly melon cucumber:

i keep expecting the jelly melon to die. i haven't transplanted it--it’s in the tiniest pot. it can’t possibly grow much bigger with so little soil and root space.

but it grows on. there are probably a dozen buds,

including at least one female:

see the tiny spiny cuke? maybe it’s one of those weird masochistic plants that thrive in derelict conditions.

one of my purple tomatillo plants just started budding. tomatillos are the only seedlings giving me trouble with legginess. but it’s not so extreme that they’re in danger of toppling over, and i read that (just like tomatoes) you can plant them deep and the stem will sprout roots.

this cape gooseberry now has two little fruits and three buds.

the mushroom kit continues to produce: a third, and now a fourth batch.

the latest one looks like a hand with suction cup fingertips.

more and more seedlings of various sizes line the windowsills, mostly tomatoes and peppers. i’m having to play sophie’s choice each time a new seedlet sprouts--i’ve already aborted half a dozen under-performing babies to make room for the new. (*publish post*, and now it’s official, i can never run for public office.) sometime soon i’ll set up a protected outdoor playpen for them, but for now it’s actually good to cull a few.