Sunday, August 24, 2008

good game

tour de fat was yesterday. i went all-out genderfuck. so profoundly genderfucked that some people honestly could not tell if i was woman or man. this made me very proud.

all year long, nikki and i both prepared for/obsessed over (mostly the latter) this day. unfortunately we left most of the actual construction for the very last minute.

i had a mascara beard and eyeliner moustache...

and i'm having difficulty trying to explain just what my boobs were. i found these two bewildering objects at a thrift store; half-spheres made of plastic with silver metallic coating. in the center there's a little red laser, and on either side of the laser were non-functioning lenses (which i unscrewed for the purposes of boobage). i ended up using the screw-holes to string them with yarn and make a sort of coconut-bra type thing. they were extremely huge and incredibly shiny.

nikki went as a steampunk airship captain.

frank was my co-pilot.

knickie had a bit too much to drink. she was a punk cowgirl.

genderfuck queen-king and king-queen of tour de fat boise 2008! i don't actually know this guy, but he came up and requested a photo with me. it was very sweet.

this is nanda. they did some amazing acrobatic-juggling-dance-ninja-mime-kung fu-lip sync-etc...

the crowd cheering for the slow ride. gnome returned to defend his champion title but was sadly beaten in the last round.

at one point there was a dia de los muertos-styled funeral procession for a child-sized cadillac escalade.

these are the sprockettes, an all-female bike dance troupe from portland.

1,500 photos in one day...has to be a new record for me.