Friday, February 17, 2012

happenings and what-have-yous

i haven't posted for a while, been pretty busy. i'm jotting some things down here to clear my head a bit.

jason started selling his knitwear on etsy: check it out, he makes such fantastic stuff. the photo at the top of this post is one of his hats. get it before it's gone!

my next door neighbor is an honest-to-grossness pedophile: the other day i came home from work to find half a dozen police cars parked on my street, cops going in and out of my neighbor's house. tons of child porn on his computers, two felony counts of sexual exploitation of children. i wouldn't say i knew the guy but i've talked to him dozens of times, he seemed perfectly nice. and he has two young daughters, ugh. i feel terrible for his family, and for him too, really. his life is probably pretty much over. i don't think there's any horrible act that society is so completely unwilling to forgive as child sex crimes.

i'm probably going to move sometime this spring: i want to find a place closer to work to save time and gas. this is the first work situation i've had where i couldn't ride my bike to work if i wanted to (unless i was SUPER hardcore/determined), and i'm not pleased about spending half an hour driving to and from. moving to the north end (which is where i want to be anyway) would cut the commute almost in half. i need to find a nice, sunny, two-bedroom place that takes dogs and has a garden. if anyone happens to hear of anything in the 28th-36th street area let me know!

the spring bug finally bit me: i started seeds. most of this winter i wasn't feeling it...burnt out from last season, not excited about gardening at all. i was dreading hauling everything out, cleaning and organizing. i had bags of unlabeled seeds to puzzle over, stacks of old catalogues to sort/repurpose/recycle, secondhand seed starting containers (scored from the free box behind edward's) that needed thorough scrubbing, a host of clean-up tasks i never finished last fall, etc etc. finally i just dug in. now that i'm organized i've got the fever back, and i have cute little seedlets sprouting up to meet me every morning.

first seed swap of the season is tomorrow at the botanical gardens: i'm going with my new friend cam. i can't wait!

i had an epic adventure night recently: once in a while jason and i have these days/nights/trips where everything goes kinda crazy, stuff that should be ordinary becomes sorta magic. first we met up for dinner at cazbah, a mediteranean restaurant downtown. i arrived first and called immediately to tell him it was gone! after he got there we investigated closer--turns out it was combined with opa, a club owned by the same people, i didn't notice both signs were out front. so we go in, and we're not sure if it's the club or the restaurant, everything's a little off, and we decide we've wandered into a restaurant that doesn't actually exist and in doing so we've thrown ourselves into the basic plot of about a dozen movies and many mystical adventures lie before us. so on and so forth, i ordered TWO huge appetizers that were so damn tasty i ate every scrap, his salad looked like a vagina, we went to a supercrowded bar to watch some friends of his play bluegrass, and at the end of the night we wound up in a tent on the grounds of the courthouse, hanging out with occupy boise protesters. it was awesome.

i got a new laptop: my old one was SO OLD. this one is way nicer, and fast, my goodness. the reason i've hardly been posting any photos on my blog lately is because i'm avoiding loading anything on this computer...i know once i start cluttering it up with all my crap it's going to slow down a bit, and i'm putting that off as long as possible. (i do have an external hard drive, but guess who's too lazy to go get it and plug it in?)

i detailed my car: good lord did it need it!

last night i went to a frank warren/postsecret presentation: there are no words, it was an unforgettable experience. at the end there was an open mic session where audience members got up and told their secrets/stories. you wouldn't believe some of the things people shared--incredibly moving, devastating, beautiful things; i was weeping through most of it, laughing at parts. the whole crowd gave off this palpable warm and loving vibe, and everyone who shared was met with hugs from strangers and love and admiration from everyone in the audience. i left feeling invigorated, crushed, open, hopeful, connected.

work is changing me: for the better, i think. my old job was ultra-social, and being a bit of an introvert, it wore me out. it was fun and rewarding but it took so much out of me; not only did i exhaust my tolerance for social interaction every workday, i also poured a huge portion of my creative energy into work projects. i would come home and just want to crash/hermit, be alone and have restful quiet time by myself. this job is mostly solitary and very quiet, so all day i'm having my relaxing, meditative alone-time, and when i get off work i almost always want to go out and play! i want to be around people more, and i have more creative energy for my own projects. that seems like how it should be.