Monday, October 3, 2011

harvest monday

october? really? highs have been in the upper 80s lately--boise had the warmest september on record with an average temperature of 71.7 degrees. it’s four days until the first average frost date and a cold front is coming but i still think this year has another frost-free month in it.

there are too many green tomatoes left for this season to be over.

this sprawling tomato plant is loaded with little green currants waiting to turn yellow. it’s the spawn of an escapee tomato from last year, spreading its roots in gravel on top of weed barrier fabric rather than soil. since i’ve given it no support it’s growing exactly how it wants, stretching in all directions never more than a foot tall.

it looks like a tomato plant jumped from a tall building and splatted in my yard.

yummy fall raspberries are ripening.

some of the tomatoes i started in july and august are ripening now, like these young whippersnappers dangling down the side of a hanging basket. (that really is the variety name, “whippersnapper.”)

fuzzy wuzzy tomato. this is the special variety i ordered from some guy in the netherlands. it’s in a small pot so i can take it indoors before it freezes.

here’s hahms gelbe, another small tomato i’m growing indoors over the winter, along with these herbs: