Friday, January 18, 2008

the kidnapping of madame duval, and the final monkey scenes

i’m determined to be more prepared for school this semester, mentally and physically. last semester i just never got into it—all my classes seemed to jump right into the middle of things, with multiple assignments due right away, and there was no easing-in—and even if there had been that slow period of adjustment, i’m not certain i would have been able to get focused and motivated anyway. i felt like i was dragging myself kicking and screaming the entire time. somehow i managed to pull off all a’s and b’s, but i hardly feel like i learned anything, and i certainly didn’t enjoy myself much.

this semester i over-booked on classes, because there’s always at least one class i end up hating and having to drop…so this time when that happens i’ll still have plenty of credits. in the unlikely event that i love all my classes…no, nevermind. why even bother speculating.

i had to order 17 books—over $400 worth, if i’d gone the bookstore route, but only about $70 from most if not all of them are in, and i bought a shiny new binder that isn’t half-broken and falling apart; i even filled it with paper and folders, and those little tab subject separaters. also, i printed out all the syllabi on blackboard, and three-hole punched them, and placed them under their proper subject tabs. i am so fucking on top of things!

my “women writers” class syllabus is 11 pages long, and it reads like misery. i’m pretty sure that will be the one to drop, because it doesn’t fit well in my schedule, and out of the 6 assigned books i’m interested in maybe one of them. pretty disappointing, because i love the idea of a class devoted to women writers. writing creative nonfiction class had a shit-ton of pages to print out, too—am i made of paper? crazy people with their verbose syllabi.

this winter break has been so relaxing and wonderful. despite being prepared for school, i really don’t want to go back. i think if i wasn’t so close to graduation i might take a year off, if not drop out. but maybe i’ll get lucky and have a great semester. they seem to alternate good and bad…it probably has more to do with the seasons and my moods than the classes themselves, though i do recall such horrors as math 124 and technical communication occurring in the fall semester.


Dawn E Pooh said...

I hope you have a good semester. I agree with you about the not so happy semesters melding with the seasons. Hey I don't know if you got the email about submissions to the National Undergraduate Literature Conference. Google it, check it out. I guess submissions are due today, January 18th. Check it out, submit something. You can submit 3 to 5 poems if you want to go that route.

You have a good semester my friend. I love your blog and won't stop visiting. Hopefully I will see you around.

Jodi said...

You could always do an independent study. You select the texts and what measure of a grade, whether a paper will be the grade, or reading responses and a paper, etc.

PeaceLily said...

i've never heard of that, independent study...sounds intriguing. i will have to look into it. thanks!