Thursday, March 13, 2008

bloody stupid day

i wish ads like this ran in the U.S. i can’t count the number of times i’ve nearly been hit by cars on my bike. i’m really careful, too. the closest call was a couple months ago, i was going straight on parkcenter where it crosses with apple. i waited for green, looked over my shoulder and thought that the woman next to me saw me, then started going forward…she started going forward too, but didn’t appear to be turning. then suddenly she tried to make this incredibly sharp turn into the second lane, directly in front of me. the front end of her giant truck was about a foot away from me when she came to a stop. freaked me out something awful.

a couple days ago something similar happened, only this time i was expecting it—i started to ride into the intersection, but very slowly and carefully. the woman started to turn right into me, then saw me, paused, waved like “thanks” and continued turning. as if i had beckoned for her to go right ahead. it’s bizarre, because i’m so cautious and i make myself so visible on my bike, yet drivers rarely seem to notice me.

my friend andrea has been hit by cars five times so far. none of them even stopped to make sure she was alright. andrea’s about the most indestructible person ever, and she hasn’t suffered any major injuries, but her bike is beaten to shit. i don’t know what i’d do if i actually was hit. it must be such a scary experience.

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be :) said...

wow. that is really scary! i think i used to be more oblivious but ever since dean got his harley i have been much more observant of bicycles and motorcycles.