Saturday, July 5, 2008

éclat de rire

i absolutely suck at taking pictures of fireworks. i forgot to set the aperture at the right setting, and despite half an hour of frustratingly shitty photography during which i could have realized my mistake, i only thought of it this morning. plus the view was obstructed by trees because i was up at the train depot. lesson learned.

nikki got some much better photos using just my little point and shoot camera on night setting. but even better than her fireworks shots were the ones of us playing with the dollar store glow bracelets i bought that afternoon. she was able to fit them through the flesh tunnels in her ears and wear them like earrings. then she linked all six of them together and twisted them around in the air while i took pictures.

i think this is my favorite non-glowstick shot of the night, a bunch of kids playing with sparklers while their mom took a picture.

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