Tuesday, November 25, 2008

best of the cell phone pictures, part 2: playing dress-up

hmm, i started this “best of” series in july intending to do frequent installments. i so rarely upload my cell phone pictures, but tonight i uploaded over 600 new ones and it inspired me! here are some fun costume-y photos, just in time for a holiday that is not halloween.

it was pirate day at work, and i tried to dress up as a pirate, with johnny depp’s jack sparrow as inspiration…

but really i ended up looking more like yitzhak from hedwig and the angry inch.

here i am trying to look like brody dalle.

could not get the “fuck off” expression quite right.

liby as jareth the goblin king (david bowie in labyrinth). her costume was amazing. all of her costumes are amazing.

this is liby’s cat pancake. he actually likes being dressed up, especially in drag.

andy is not as pleased as pancake. he won’t physically protest being dressed up, but he will emote with despondent resignation the damage i am doing to his soul.

the night before tour de fat i practiced my mascara beard. i couldn’t believe how real it looked.

sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band! i bought this fantastic jacket at a youth ranch for $1. i just recently passed it along to katherine, who vowed to wear it at the writing center.

this is nikki’s favorite form of dress-up. obamonkey is not a hat…

WHITE DIAMONDS! i don’t know who this person is. his elizabeth taylor impression is pretty spot-on, though perhaps not quite as good as robert smith’s.


the knotty knitter said...

obamonkey is too a hat...ANYTHING can be a hat spoonay!

Balutakat said...

I love a good mascara beard. I can scare myself pretty good with a moustache, too = looks just like my younger brother. I recommend the stashe and sideburns combo for naturalness. we should go in drag next halloween, maybe reed and mihai will go as our dates? I miss Reed already.

PeaceLily said...

can a HOUSE be a hat? try it, i dare you.

halloween is too far away! why not tomorrow? reed once expressed interest in dressing up as babs from pink flamingos, maybe i could talk him into that. i'm pretty into the whole genderfuck thing though, i don't know if i'd want to do plain old drag.