Wednesday, July 1, 2009

there are peas that wrap around your knees

the garden this year is everything is healthy. even the things i thought wouldn't grow are growing.

^mutant poppy!

^this is the land i cleared between the fence and the stream. viewing from the deck from left to right we have gourds, mint, pumpkins, sunflower (lots of these mixed in all over), lavender, oregano, eggplant, a huge patch of cucumber, string beans, sage, yellow pear tomato, broccoli, sweet banana peppers, and some raspberry bushes that snuck over from the neighbor's yard.

i planted birdhouse gourds and dipper gourds, and i'm not sure which one this is, but it makes gorgeous flowers. they only bloom for a few hours before crumpling up and turning brown. luckily it blooms a lot though. the other gourd just makes the usual yellow squash-looking flowers.

the sugarsnap pea plants have been producing a ton. i planted two different varieties and one kind only grew about 10" tall, produced ultra-sweet little peas early on and then died off right away. the other kind grew about six feet tall and flowered later on, but now they're still very healthy and high-yeild.

most of the stuff in the raised bed garden is doing well, although the birds think it's a great place to feast on leafy veggies so i never got to eat any of the lettuce that grew in there. i have peas, broccoli, spinach, carrots, sweet bell peppers, dill, parsley, and eggplant growing there now.

i'm happy the broccoli is growing so well...this is one of those things i wasn't sure would work out.

^my little pumpkin patch. this photo is from a few weeks ago so they're bigger now, and they just started flowering. i also planted a couple more little seedlings.

four out of six of our tomato plants have green tomatoes on them and are growing huge and thriving. the other two are volunteers, they must have planted themselves from seeds that dropped on the ground last year, so they're much littler and just starting to flower. i hope they all make room for each other. i caged or tied up most of them this year, which i didn't bother to do last year, so that will help.

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