Wednesday, January 20, 2010

quinoa with sesame kale and cabbage

i was all proud of myself thinking i invented sesame kale, and then i found recipes for it in two different books. but as far as i know, combining it with quinoa and cabbage is original to me.


minced garlic
sesame seeds
sesame oil
raw purple cabbage

quinoa: boil 2 cups water and add 1 cup quinoa. low boil, covered, 12 minutes. turn off the heat, fluff with a fork, cover again and let sit 15 minutes.

kale: wash and dry kale leaves and cut out the tough stems. rip the leaves to approx. 3” pieces.

in a saucepan, heat up a splash of sesame oil. add the kale, a clove or two of minced garlic, and a crapload of sesame seeds. stir it all about.

cover for about 15-30 seconds, then stir again. repeat until the kale is an even, dark green, ever so slightly wilted, with no brown spots. i like my kale just barely cooked, so it usually takes less than two minutes, but you can keep going longer if you want it more tender and wilty.

plate the quinoa first. carve a little hole in the center and pile up the kale, then add sliced raw purple cabbage on top.


Balutakat said...

We just bought a huge bag of quinoa - I had it at your house one day and loved it, didn't know it was in the bulk food section at Winco. I will definitely try this, I love kale.

Emily said...

awesome! yeah, bulk is definitely the way to buy quinoa. let me know how yours turns out. you should also try my quinoa pilaf recipe, i just posted it.