Friday, September 24, 2010

garden fail friday: they were all yellow.

last spring i bought a seed packet that was a mix of six different heirloom tomato varieties. i sprouted a bunch and ended up putting seven of these plants in the garden. i was *hoping* for no more than two of each variety. now that most of them are ripening, i see that i have one black from tula, two that have yet to ripen, and FOUR dixie golden giants. the worst part: these enormous yellow tomatoes are not tasty. they’re my least favorite of all the varieties i’ve tried. they’re fine for sauce, but forget about trying to eat them raw--they have this weird, sweet, smoky-bacon-ish flavor.


Holly said...

that's a strange lookin' tomato

GoneferalinID said...

Bummer! Bacon flavored tomato? I guess that would make a vegan BLT for ya.

Vetsy said...

Hi Emily thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comments.

I like that angry little face you made of that tomato. One would think that a tomato that had a smokey taste would be delicious, thanks for the warning and the lesson.

I hope that the weather stays perfect so that you may harvest the rest of your tomatoes.

Have a fantastic evening.

Emily said...

holly--yeah, pretty strange indeed. i haven't cut into it yet, i think i've anthropomorphized it to the point of inedibility.

goneferal--heh, vegan blt, i hadn't thought of that. it would be pretty cool if someone could breed a tomato meaty-flavored enough that it could act as a meat substitute...mmm, beefsteak.

vetsy--thank you! it's looking more and more likely that the weather will do just that.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love that tomato face. Doesn't look as if it would taste good either; evil little thing!

Emily said...

hehe so true, it looks like it would be mealy and rotten just to spite whoever eats it.