Wednesday, April 20, 2011

curtains for the river house

rifka officially moved to her new place in king hill last week, leaving the little cinderblock abode on the river where she’s lived for the past 15 years. she held a small gathering the weekend before last to celebrate the end.

she asked me to take pictures around the house so she can remember how everything looked. i love photographing peoples’ living spaces, especially when so much of their personality comes through.

i haven’t been to the new place yet, but it sounds awesome--king hill is a tiny town on the snake river just outside of glenns ferry, a little over an hour south of here. she’s turning the house into a kind of commune for artists and musicians. jason and i are planning on going down there pretty often and helping out with the huge communal garden.

lots of good music and good food at the party...jason made a delicious quinoa salad and i made sprouted beluga lentil hummus with kalamata olives, alfalfa sprouts and parsley from my garden. goldy (of goldy’s breakfast bistro) brought some kind of custard thing that everyone was having mouthgasms about.

rifka dug a fire pit in the garden.

this is jason’s new (old) banjo. it comes with a cool story. george, the czech musician we met in idaho city last summer, let jason use this banjo when they played together at the bar, and he’d been having dreams about the instrument ever since. then he randomly found it listed for sale on craigslist about a month ago. so he made plans to meet up at a show george was playing in horseshoe bend, and the two of us drove up there that night so he could buy it.

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be said...

wow i love that space. it looks like it has great energy. :)