Monday, August 8, 2011

harvest monday

this is my first time linking up to harvest monday at daphne’s dandelions. normally i just check out other peoples’ stuff because i can’t get my business together in time to post on monday. it’s always interesting to see what other gardeners are harvesting--especially at this point in the season when so much is coming in. my garden probably won’t be in full swing until september, but it’s been supplying me with a decent amount of food pretty steadily for a while now.

here’s today’s harvest. i was up in the mountains all weekend so this morning i saw everything for the first time in three days, and even in that short time a lot had changed. i picked two black magic zucchinis, some bush beans, a bunch of ground cherries...

first two purple bell peppers. they’re very small, and i picked them because i assumed the purple color meant they were full size but i wonder if they’d keep growing if i left them? anyone know? my black hungarian peppers keep growing after they turn purple. the coloration came way faster than with a normal bell pepper, probably less than two weeks after the fruit set. next time i’ll try leaving them longer.

i got my first cream sausage and oranje van goeijenbier tomatoes, along with a bunch of chiapas wild (red currant), white currant, tiny tim and gartenperle. cream sausage is sweet with no detectable acid, not my favorite. OVG was pure lemon sourness. totally shocking and not good. they’re all going in the sauce pot.

from my mom’s herb garden at the cabin i pulled up the garlic i planted last fall: susanville, chesnok red and purple glazer.

my raspberries are ripening! i picked another handful tonight. they rarely make it in front of the camera. i think this is a common problem.

harvest from 8/3: ronde de nice zucchini, first joe’s long cayenne pepper, first marmande tomato, first two of what were supposed to be brandywine but are absolutely the wrong size and shape, and a bunch of tiny tim and chiapas wild.

harvest from 8/1: ronde de nice zucchini, bush beans (contender, dragon’s tongue, purple queen, coco rose de prague and brittle wax), three black hungarian peppers, a handful of ground cherries, and tomatoes: black zebra cherry, isis candy, white currant and lots of tiny tim and chiapas wild. black zebra cherry is the tastiest of the small tomatoes i’ve tried so far this year.

from 8/2, homegrown purple majesty potatoes all cut up. aren’t they beautiful? they look neat smashed too:

i love purple veggies. i’m also growing purple carrots, tomatoes, beans, basil, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, radishes...not only do i love the strangeness factor of the purple food, but green and purple is my favorite color combination, so a lush garden full of purple things makes my eyes happy. i played with that color combo for this potato dish:

rosemary roasters, served with:

sautéed zucchini and beans.

my OSU blue tomatoes are turning a beautiful shade of purple. they’re still green on their undersides, any surface the sunlight doesn’t hit. luckily this plant is in a pot so i rotated it to get even coloration on both sides.

now i’m off to peek at everyone else’s gardens. thanks to daphne for putting together such a fun weekly event.


Bumble Lush said...

I LOVE your purple veggies!! Purple's my favorite color too, and I like purple and green. We grew purple pole beans last year, but didn't make room for them this year.

Your OSU tomatoes look good. I guess this means that you didn't confuse the seeds? I'm glad to hear that!
Nice harvest!

Allison at Novice Life said...

I was going to say the same thing! I love all your purple veggies!!

Emily said...

thank you bumble lush and allison! i did confuse some of the seeds so i accidentally ended up with more reisetomates and fewer OSU blues than i intended to grow, but at least i didn't completely miss out on the blue ones like i feared.

Dan said...

Wow, everything looks great. Love roasted purple potatoes with rosemary! Those blue tomatoes look rather interesting as well, never seen them before.

the Knottie Knitta said...

oh wow spoon! those blue tomatoes are rad! have you ever done any cooking with the rice stick noodles from the india foods on fairview? they are our just soak them a couple minutes in a bowl of water and they are ready to eat...i like cooking them with beets...they turn magenta! yay for weird colored food!

i'm having a rainbow potluck for my birthday next should come with your wacky veggies! :)

Daphne said...

I love those purple potatoes. So beautiful. The blue tomatoes look freaky though. They remind me too much of their sister, nightshade, when they are blue.

Emily said...

dan--thank you! yeah, blue tomatoes are a pretty new phenomenon. they were bred by researchers at oregon state university and i'm not sure if they're available commercially yet, but plenty of people have gotten their hands on descendants of some laboratory escapees.

spoony--no i've never tried those noodles, they sound exciting! i'd love to bring over a rainbow of garden tasties for your bday.

daphne--yeah, i had never thought about the resemblance to belladonna but you're right. knowing where the pigmentation comes from makes it not bothersome to me.

Kim and Victoria said...

Emily, so impressed with your harvest! Those purple potatoes are beautiful!
The hot springs we went to was Burgdorf, above McCall.

Emily said...

thank you victoria! i'm happy to hear those hot springs are near mccall--jason and i will have to go there next time we go to my parents' cabin.

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

Nice to see another vegan gardener around here. :)