Thursday, December 29, 2011

little dresses for africa

i saw a story about this organization on the news last year and it seemed so sweet. crafters from all over the country make handmade dresses to send to orphaned girls in africa who need clothes.

this quick and easy dress pattern is designed in such a way that it can be made out of a pillowcase. i tried one that way, but it’s not so easy to find pillowcases that would look cute as dresses.

i made all these last year just before xmas. i had three more dresses that i’d cut out and partially sewn, but i put them aside for a bit to finish making presents. then i stalled. now they’ve been hanging in my craft room for a whole year, the unfinished ones preventing me from sending them off, but finally i’m just going to send those i’ve done.

my favorite is this little strawberry dress with red ric-rac.

i liked it so much that i made this identical mini-version fit for a sock monkey as an xmas gift for my mom last year.

unfortunately, little dresses for africa is a christian missionary organization, which means that in addition to the wonderful aspects that i love about it (giving away handmade clothes, educating people about nutrition and sanitation, etc.), they also try to convert people and waste donation money on bibles and whatnot. they even refer to the dresses as “ambassadors in the name of jesus.” that bugs the shit out of me.

i send these little dresses to africa with love. i hope the children realize they deserve the care and attention of others regardless of whether they accept jesus as their personal savior.


Bee Girl said...

Love the idea of the dresses, agree with your disagreement with the message behind the dresses. Why not help because it's kind, instead of to simply convert??? Thank you for participating for the sake of kindness. I appreciate it and trust that the girls do, too :-)

Emily said...

that's very sweet, thank you! it upsets me that so many charities are tied to a religion.

be said...

i wonder if we could start a non-religious charity thing.

Urunji Child-Care Trust said...

I don't agree that you have to convert to Christianity to receive these dresses. We at Urunji Child-Care Trust received these dresses with no strings attached and gave them out to Christians and non-Christians alike. The condition for giving is that the recipient is poor and a girl received a dress, a boy receives a pair of shorts (britches).