Monday, September 3, 2012

dogshaming (+chickenshaming)

 my dogs have many shames, but compared to a lot of the other shameful dogs, they're pretty well behaved.

 "putting anything in the bathroom trash can is the same as feeding it to me."
this trash can is now just a vessel for carrying things to a larger, lidded trash can.

 "manifest destiny: i spread out my bedding materials in an ever-expanding territory grab"
andy is gradually laying claim to the living room.

 "i eat my mom's hair! (while it's attached)"
he likes to wake me up with cuddles and hair munching.

 "i feast on chicken poo and rotten apples from the yard"
potato had his first vet visit yesterday--bowels full of tapeworm, probably thanks to some random nastiness he ate in the backyard. mon pauvre petit pomme de terre. he's fine now, and back to nomming wormy ground apples.

"we poop on the porch"
making it much easier for potato to find his snacks.


the Knottie Knitta said...

Ha! Raisin and zeus had an appearance on cat last week :)

GoneferalinID said...

Very Cute! I'm glad potato is OK.

Emily said...

spoony--that's so awesome! you should've sent me a link! i was able to find them but just barely...the catshaming site is way more cluttered than its canine counterpart. zeus totally deserved shaming for what he did to you.

goneferal--yeah, me too. poor li'l dude. he's feeling so much better now.