Tuesday, October 30, 2012

why are french omelettes made with only one egg?

because one egg is un ouef! my chickens have been feeding me very well. minnie is amazing--she's laid an egg every single day since she started! i can tell because she's the only one whose eggs are brown.

 on november 1 she will have laid 90 eggs. we'll celebrate with a big bowl of their new favorite treat--cooked oatmeal.

 lately i've gotten more adventurous with my egg recipes. here are some of the things i've made:

3-egg pesto veggie omelette with rainbow tomato salad

 first i made two batches of pesto with homegrown basil. one with regular sweet basil, one with purple basil:

 sadly the purple basil did not make purple-colored pesto like i had hoped. but it was even more delicious than the regular basil batch. i blended the leaves with garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, salt, and nutritional yeast for the cheese-y flavor.

 this was the best omelette i've ever eaten. i added a mini tomato rainbow side salad, and homegrown onion and bell pepper for the filling. the pepper was rainbow too:

 oeufs en cocotte

 my first attempt at oeufs en cocotte failed big time. i read somewhere that you can cook them in the toaster oven. lies. the eggs bulged out of their cocotte sockets like swollen orange eyeballs, and they were tough and rubbery to eat:

 what worked for me was cooking them on the stove in a shallow water bath. this might be the best treatment for showing off those gorgeous orange yolks.

 eggs baked in stuffed squash

 i hollowed out two peter pan and one ronde de nice squash and fed the insides to the chickens, then rubbed the squash shells with garlic olive oil and baked them until soft. i stuffed them with a mixture of wild rice and homegrown peppers, onions and tomatoes, cracked an egg on top of each and baked again until the eggs were cooked. the trickiest part is leaving the right amount of space at the top for the egg to rest. i had some overflow issues. i used summer squash but this could be tweaked for winter squashes--i bet acorn squash would be tasty. or even little pumpkins!

 double yolk hard boiled eggs

 i bought a pack of "as seen on TV" contraptions for cooking hard boiled eggs without the shell. they're basically plastic pods that you crack eggs into and then boil. i think i remember seeing the infomercial years ago and thinking, wow, what idiot would buy those. well...they were on clearance, and i thought they would be helpful since my chickens' eggs are impossible to peel after being hard boiled. the chambers are huge, so i fit two eggs in each and cooked them up.

the oyster plate belonged to my mom's mom. i misremembered it as a deviled egg plate and asked my mom to dig it out for me. it works perfectly for eggs too though.

 bread pudding

this was my first time eating bread pudding. i refused to eat it as a kid because i thought it involved liquified bread. i've always had serious issues with certain food textures, and liquified bread is about the worst thing i can imagine. but bread pudding is delicious!

 sunday brunch casserole

 i altered this recipe to make it veg. i sauteed tofurkey slices to stand in for the bacon, and used daiya cheese for the topping. also, i pre-cooked the hash browns rather than just thawing them. this is serious comfort food.

 egg salad--another comfort food. my mom taught me a trick to make egg salad extra creamy and delicious: use a microplane grater to shred the eggs. i smoosh them up with a small dollup of veganaise, some minced parsley and salt.

 banana bread

i prefer using egg replacer for quickbread. i have such a good vegan quickbread recipe worked out that there's no need to mess with it, but i tried it with eggs anyway.

 mediterranean scrambled eggs

 onions, tomato and a bunch of basil in scrambled eggs. i made this on saturday with all homegrown veggies, which is quite a treat this late in the year. i still have pounds and pounds of tomatoes left.


GoneferalinID said...

Wow, you made me hungry. The eggs are beautiful.

Lauren said...

I've been thinking of buying those egg boiler thingies too! Glad to hear that they worked well for you.

Have you ever tried putting dill in your egg salad? I'm hooked on it!

Your tasty noms are making me salivate. I think I'm going to have to spend some time cooking this weekend.

the Knottie Knitta said...

Yum! I ended up making my acorn bread initio bread pudding because it was so dense....it was a big hit! I saw a thing on pinterest where someone baked eggs inside avocado halves...I think we're going to give it a try :)

Emily said...

goneferal--one of these days you need to come over and try some!

lauren--i wouldn't say the egg boiler thingies worked *well* for me. they're kind of a pain in the ass, especially cleaning them. but if you're desperate for no-peel hard boiled eggs, they do work OK.

i haven't put dill in my egg salad--there's a long story behind this, but due to past experiences the combo of eggs and dill makes my stomach turn.

i hope you post pics of your egg tasties!

spoony--oh, cool about the bread! hmm, eggs in avocado halves...at first that sounds fantastic, but i'm wondering about the baked avocado part? maybe you could slice up an avocado and put a soft poached egg on top. we should experiment!

Bumble Lush Garden said...

HA! Cute joke :)

I was wondering how your chickens are doing. Looks like they're doing well! I usually don't have time for a real breakfast during the week, but I always eat omelets on the weekends. Your recipes look great. I'm also jealous that you still have pounds of home-grown tomatoes. That's awesome.

Kim and Victoria said...

I LOVE all your egg recipes and I can really use the idea of the deviled egg container. I need one! Those fresh eggs are impossible to peel. Great post.