Saturday, February 2, 2008

photoshop is my heroine

i should be so asleep right now, but instead i’m screwing around on this glorious new computer, as i have been for the last four days. it is so wonderful having photoshop. i’d forgotten all that i was missing, using simplistic freeware to do photo editing. never again. this is going to make such a huge difference in my photos, once i get really familiar with it.

this new monitor has a built-in webcam that has proved itself more entertaining than i could have ever guessed. there’s this program where you can record videos of yourself and apply voice alteration filters; there are about 15 of them, some that make my voice deeper, some higher, some crazy accents, etc. there’s one that makes me totally sound like a man, and it is by far my favorite. the night i discovered these things i spent about two hours creating ridiculous little monologues for each of the voices. it was such a beautiful waste of time, but i paid the price when i then had to stay up until 4.30am doing homework. worth it!

i went down to parkcenter pond around sunset today to take some pictures. the light was disappointing, but i met a few old friends—bianca, the white duck, and dorian, the gray duck. bianca’s been frequenting that pond for a few years now…she must be getting old in duck years. dorian just came on the scene around last summer. normally both bianca and dorian are paired with males, which leads me to believe they’re both female, but today when i saw them they were pretty much just hanging out with each other. i seriously hope that they have decided to be duck lesbians with each other. seriously. they are the coolest ducks in the world, and if they were a couple it would blow my mind.

there were huge groups of wood ducks on the pond, which was sweet cuz they’re usually so sheepish and difficult to photograph. also, i saw a weird type of bird i’ve never seen before. a pair of solid charcoal-colored, stout little things, with red eyes and oddly shaped white beaks that come to a black point. it was too dark to get a proper picture of them, since they’re so darkly-colored.


the deviant tart said...
this has absolutely nothing to do with your post...but i feel that you will enjoy it as much as i do.

PeaceLily said...

oh, what the hell? what baby wouldn't benefit from a good hosing down? and fluffing it in the dryer afterwards is just common sense. i doubt the competence of whoever created these safety messages. until i see substantial proof that it's damaging, i'll keep lifting my babies by the head, thank you kindly.