Friday, April 18, 2008

making nonsense

Spoon 1: Understand the following is Science:

Fork is the mom,
Spoon is the daughter,
Spork is the niece;
Spoon and Spork are cousins,
Spork is a scientist,
Spork is Science,
Magic is Science’s gay cousin,
Spoon is gay,
Therefore, Spoon is Magic.
It is Science.

Spoon 2: It is Gynecology.

Spoon 1: Gynecology is Science.

Spoon 2: Gynecology is the best Science.

It is clearly Gynecology!

Spoon 1: Science!

Spoon 2: I know now where I lost my knee brace!

I was on the hill by the gas station,
eating a raspberry shave ice.
It is on the hill in the grass by the gas station,
where I was eating my raspberry shave ice.

Spoon 1: That is neither here nor there.

Spoon 2: But it is Gynecology.

Spoon 1: I concede to your superior power of logics.

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