Thursday, April 17, 2008

new season's resolutions

i’m working on a list of goals for this spring and summer. let’s see how many of these things i can do:

· start composting
· experiment more with camera settings
· do more sewing—canvas bags especially, so i can give them away to people who want to stop using plastic
· eat more locally grown/organic produce
· try new recipes
· get a birdfeeder, and a hummingbird feeder, and remember to keep them full
· start painting again
· spend more time reading outdoors
· print a lot of new t-shirts

that’s all i can think of for now. i took a walk earlier and did lots of playing around with camera settings; mixed results, but i learned a ton. the sky was such a rich blue today, and there are so many things in bloom…i could’ve gone for less wind and higher temperatures, though. headwinds have been murdering me on my bike lately.

i have a new obsession: vegan blogs. i came across one randomly, and it had links to a gazillion other ones, and they all had links to a gazillion other ones, and so on. most of them were amazing. i’m going to start a little list of links that will probably grow later. i’m not putting this one on the list, because it’s much too fancy, but behold how magnificently insane:

maybe i’ll start taking pictures of things i cook, and posting recipes and such. perhaps that should be part of my “try new recipes” resolution, because normally i’m a very lazy vegan…most of the stuff i cook is just thrown together, and not yummy looking (but always yummy tasting). i rarely follow recipes, and i rarely spend more than half an hour on a meal. my idea of gourmet is slathering some oat bread with hummus, mixing up a fantastic foods nature burger and topping it with sliced black olives and alfalfa sprouts. comfort food to the max. speaking of fantastic foods, they brought back tofu scrambler! praise seitan! now we just need to resurrect tuno and unturkey, and all will be right with the world.

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