Wednesday, September 10, 2008


four years since my senior year of high school, the last time i painted... i keep meaning to start up again. the other day i came across a wealth of moderately expensive, artist-quality acrylics at a thrift store for a very reasonable price--they were completely unused, leftovers from a supply store that closed a couple years ago. and instead of paying the original sticker price of like $7/tube they were only 75 cents.

it's not like i didn't already have some paint, but these made the concept of picking up a paintbrush a lot more sexy. i'm rusty, but painting felt so good, it made me want to keep practicing and get better.

i have an exciting plan for this painting, one that involves completely ripping off a creative concept peddled by an art in the park vendor i saw last weekend: i'm going to print out a small version of the painting, put it on a black bamboo tile and varnish over, then put some clay tube beads i made (in a color that matches the seahorse) on top and bottom and do a fun little twisty thing with wire to make a pendant. this vendor was selling the necklaces for $45; the materials cost was probably around $2 per necklace, and i can't imagine they take more than half an hour to make. so because she was selling them at such an inflated price i feel a little less guilty for copying her idea so exactly.


Anonymous said...

i love finding treasure like that at thrift stores. some of the best cameras that i own i bought for less than five dollars.

PeaceLily said...

wow, five dollar cameras,’s so exciting to find super amazing things priced by a person who is unaware of their actual value.