Tuesday, September 30, 2008

awesome squared

robert and shana parkeharrison have ruined me for any other contemporary photography. unfortunately their books are quite expensive, so for now i’m finding what photos i can for free online and turning them into pendants so i can look at them every day.

that’s my strategy for a lot of images, since i scored a bag of wooden tiles from savers the other day. here’s what i’ve made so far:

art credits, with links to the ones that have cool websites…
first row, left to right:
robert & shana parkeharrison; emily martin (etsy’s theblackapple); allison kendall; me; catherine howe
second row:
don’t know; don’t know; emily martin; eric carle; anne siems
third row:
emily martin; robert & shana parkeharrison; stephen rothwell; don’t know (vintage photo of the enchanted forest, a place i loved as a kid, in ellicott city, maryland); david firth (salad fingers)
fourth row:
sandy skoglund; juli adams; dr. seuss (the lorax); joel-peter witkin; don’t know (photo from very old sock monkey instruction page)
emily martin; don’t know (album cover of neutral milk hotel’s “in the aeroplane over the sea”); don’t know; sandy skoglund

since that batch i’ve found a bunch more images to use, mostly pop surrealism. ridicule me if you must. at least i haven’t used any mark ryden. yet.

it’s a lot of fun using images from my childhood, like the enchanted forest, the very hungry caterpillar, the lorax, and this one of granny glittens and her amazing mittens (from the tall book of christmas). i’m thinking of also doing where the wild things are, le petit prince, and the velveteen rabbit, but the latter two might not get made because they make me too sad. i could have a whole series of images from children’s books, it would be fabulous.

so much crafting lately! and now it’s time to start thinking of a design for the bra project. first i thought of a bra made out of autumn foliage, with braided grasses as straps and collages of colorful leaves as the cups. then i thought of making a jack-o-lantern bra, with halved pumpkin cups and faces cut into them. i also considered doing some kind of mosaic bra with little glass tiles, or a knitted bra with a design sewn in, or cups made of polymer clay, or a bra covered in fuzzy pompoms…as a fitting follow-up to the altered toy project, i thought of cutting the heads off two stuffed animals and making the cups out of those. all these ideas sound fun, but what i’m really looking for is a great concept, and nothing i’ve come up with so far has that.

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