Sunday, October 5, 2008

it's new! it's now! it's flashcube! flashcube? flashcube!

i bought a new lens the other day, a sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 macro. it felt like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on myself, but it also felt like a justified purchase. this is my new everyday, “walk-around” lens, replacing the inadequate kit lens once and for all. the macro is incredible. when zoomed in all the way i can focus on things that are practically touching the outer glass—easily less than two inches away. at the ultra-wide-angle end of the spectrum i can get within six inches or so from the subject, making it ideal for dog nose pictures.

this afternoon i went thrifting and found a lovely new camera bag, along with some sweet old cameras to add to my vintage camera collection…a polaroid sx-70 land camera from the 70’s, and a kodak instamatic 304 from the 60’s (back row center and front row left, respectively).

super hip advertisement for the kodak and its flashcube (video may induce seizures):

as fantastic as that video is, i think the sx-70 advertisement/how-to is even better. this is worth playing for the music alone:

more fun times with the new lens:


Balutakat said...

I LOVE FROGS. Your new macro lens is going to make the Wit's End absolutely unique, you know.

PeaceLily said...

yay! i can't wait to get started. we must venture downtown this weekend for the photographic good time! this week has already proved itself to be of the devil, and i see no possibility for redemption unless we end it with an insanely creative and happy two days.