Friday, May 8, 2009

reed's weeds

reed and i discovered a fun new game this week. it’s called “put as much nature as we can fit into reed’s beard and then take millions of pictures.” it started last night when we were on a little walk and i saw some pretty yellow weed flowers and put them in his beard and took pictures. then we wandered around and took lots and lots more pictures. then today we tried another type of flower, then pine needles, and pictures, pictures, pictures.

all of the yellow weed flower pictures are on reed’s new camera, so i don’t have them yet, but i do have the ones from today.
this guy was so impressed with reed’s plumage that he asked if he could take a cell phone picture to send his wife.


Balutakat said...

Reed's our May King. :)

PeaceLily said...

yay kraj majales! not really yay though...i don't want to be impregnated...