Saturday, May 2, 2009

saturday market success

my gender studies group's service learning project went so well! even though it was goddamn pouring rain almost the entire time we were at the saturday market. foot traffic started out way slow but got better throughout the day. we ended up raising $171.

i had a fabulous time despite being soaked and frozen. my friend drew stopped by and brought me hot coffee, which pretty much made my day, and then bethany, dean and xaria stopped by, which made my day again, and lots of my crafts sold! yay!

here's a picture of some of the stuff i brought. i had 5 record bowls, 16 recycled pendants, 4 doggie bandanas, 3 monsters, 5 matted photos, 8 awareness ribbons, 8 magnets and about 80 postcards. a doggie 'dana was the first item to sell in the booth. just about everyone who came in bought a postcard. i also sold 2 monsters, a record bowl, lots of ribbons and magnets, and 2 (or maybe more...) pendants. so i was responsible for over half the day's income. it makes me totally happy, because i've been wanting to donate money to the TCC (while at the same time being too much of a tightwad) so this worked out awesome.

our project leader from TCC (editor of diversity magazine) told me she's using one of my photos from pride '08 on the cover of their june issue! i'm so excited. the only downside is that i think i have to write a brief autobio. i HATE writing those. if i could just get one good one down i could use it for everything, but no, every time i have to come up with one it completely sucks. maybe i should make up a person and write their biography and pass it off as my own.

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