Friday, September 25, 2009

boise poetry slam delux

i'm writing an article on boise poetry slams for (the magazine that dare not speak its name on this blog)...i don't think i'm doing the photos for the article, but i took some anyway.

^this guy was awesome. he showed up in a dress and a cat mask, and when he got on stage he said he's been "misinformed" about what sort of event this was, then proceeded to go over the time limit reading an allegory about a circle.

^this is dr. cheryl maddalena, my contact for the article. i couldn't believe she remembered me from the women's day poetry reading--remembered my crocus poem, anyway. she performed a poem about a non-innocent junior high crush named chad vargo, written in shakespearean language. it was hilarious.

^this guy performed a few poems, all in arabic.

^this is visiting poet khary jackson, or "6 is 9". he performed weird and wonderful poems about zombies, the brothers grimm versus disney, and a few others.

^they planned a kanye-west-VMAs-style interruption of one of the other poets (she was in on it too, of course). jackson ran up on stage, "hold on, i'm gonna let you finish, but faith had one of the best poems of all time..."

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