Thursday, September 3, 2009

western idaho fair 2009

my mom and i have a tradition of entering stuff in the fair every year. she enters preserves and i enter photos. we’ve been doing it for about a decade. she has over a hundred ribbons, and most of them are blue. this year she had 29 entries and a majority of them placed. she won her fifth “best in show” rosette--a coveted trophy--for some kind of grapefruit marmalade or something that she'd never made before. she took home $59 in winnings, and i took home $18 for my two measly ribbons because photos pay off way better than food.

i entered three photos and got one second place ribbon, for this picture:

and one third place ribbon, for this one:

this is the first year in a long time that i actually went to the fair and looked at the other photo entries. it was kind of a shock, because there are a number of technical details (sensor noise, blown highlights, etc.) that i thought would basically disqualify a picture, but the judges don’t seem to i’ll have to remember that next year. i feel like i could have had better entries if i’d known they’re not that picky.

i really should just buy a new tripod. i have like five of them (goddamnit) and not a single one is 100% functional, at least for my purposes. i had one decent one, kind of cheap but at least it was easily portable and it worked, but i misplaced the little quick-release head about a year ago, so now it’s worthless because i have no way to connect it to my camera. right now the only thing i have to work with is a gorillapod. i used that on a few of these long exposures, but most of them were handheld.

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