Saturday, November 21, 2009


lately i’ve been in a state of hyper productivity and manic curiosity and intense thirst for knowledge and new interests and new forms of expression and creativity. i’ve been going to the library three or four times a week, checking out around ten books at a time, poring over them and bookmarking anything that interests me then scanning the pages so i can access them later.

most of the books are arts/crafts/design related, but i’m starting to branch out a bit and read more about other interests like gender studies, sociology, psychology, ecology, gardening, veganism, writing, etc.

i’ve also been recording a few craft shows on DIY network. i don’t think anyone in the history of forever has become so disproportionately excited about these fucking dopey craft shows. watching craft lab and creative juice, i was hyperventilating. i literally sat on the edge of the couch, eyes wide, remote in hand, gasping and twitching. at the beginning of the shows when they preview all the projects, i was talking to the TV, telling it to “SHOW ME! SHOW ME HOW! OHMYGOD SHOW IT! NOW!”

this is tuttle and buttle, some new sock monkeys, named after characters from the movie “brazil.”

they’re made with knee socks, so their arms and legs are super long.

here’s a monster i made for my friend sienna.

the other day i wanted to make cookies and i was all out of ener-g, the powder i usually use to replace eggs, so i used a banana instead. i was very skeptical about it. the dough didn’t look, taste, feel or smell right. it took about twice as long as the recipe called for to bake. surprise! the cookies were delicious. you can definitely taste the banana but it’s not unpleasant. they taste a little like what i remember mrs. field’s cookies tasting like--very buttery (even though i used canola oil), chewy, moist, awesome.

here’s a yummy tofu scramble i made, with bell peppers, carrots, peas, and boca meatless crumbles. (why yes, i am trying to entice you with vegan food porn).

i finally pulled all the carrots that have been growing since spring. they were marvelously crispy and flavorful and sweet. and teensie! we planted a short variety since they were going to be grown in a shallow-ish planter.

i haven’t tried making a mosaic yet, but i’m collecting ideas and pieces for one. my new thing is scouring thrift stores for potential tesserae. it’s so fun smashing plates and bowls with a hammer! the noises they make can be really satisfying, especially if you’re breaking a bowl and you land the first hit dead-center, it makes this gentle “POP” noise and breaks in a beautiful pattern.

this plate did not break so well, but it broke interestingly. the first two hits didn’t break the plate at all; they merely punched a small, eye-shaped hole in the back, and chipped pieces off the front to form a heart.

the other day i dropped by joanns to get a few craft supplies, and i left with an enormous bag full of fabric and photo frames. red tag/clearance fabric was half off and i went nuts. here are a few of my favorites. some of them are for room decorating, hopefully to make some curtains and maybe an artsy wall-hanging, and others are for tote bags.

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