Thursday, November 5, 2009

scurvy dog (son of the biscuit eater)

“arr, matey, i caught ye a fish.”

andy doesn’t seem to mind getting dressed up. except for hats, my god, he hates hats so much. i think that’s a general rule for most dogs whose spirits haven’t been completely broken. they’ll capitulate to the occasional sweater or tutu—but headgear? fuck no, not today.

i used andy’s fairy princess costume (i am such an asshole to my dog) as a pattern (he really should just bite me) to design a reversible fleece sweater. it’s blue with spots on one side and bright green on the other. i also made a special little matching hat (he’s going to murder me while i sleep) with nice ear holes and braided fleece chin straps (i will burn in the level of hell reserved for animal abusers, glenn beck fans, and these people).

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