Monday, March 1, 2010


what a beautiful day...58 degrees, and the sun didn’t set until after 6:30. downtown all the bulbs are up, some crocuses are blooming and planters are full of flowers.

i met bethany and her kids for coffee at alia’s.

and when i got home i found my seeds waiting for me!

i ordered 10 packets from seeds of change. some really interesting stuff i’ve never grown before.

i’m particularly excited about the chioggia beets and purple bush beans...i love weird-looking vegetables. the tomatoes should be cool too, i’ve never grown heirloom varieties before. i’m hiding my seeds in this tin recipe box and trying to forget about them until it gets a bit warmer, or until i run out of patience and start planting.


Jessica said...

Yay! Seeds! Be careful of borage (I think I saw one pictured?). It's wonderful and is supposedly a great companion plant for strawberries. I have some as well. But it will reseed and spread like crazy.

JJ Beazley said...

My big problem is mint. I inherited an old, long established garden, and mint was rampant everywhere. The veg plots are now clear, but the herbaceous borders still need some work. It's a devil of a job to keep under control.

Jessica said...

Morning glories are a huge problem in Portland. They choke out small trees and kill everything around them. I would recommend people to grow them in containers, as well as mints and borage.

Emily said...

thanks for the tips! i'm aware of the issues with morning glories...i'm growing those bad boys indoors in containers. i read that borage doesn't do well in containers so i'll just watch mine closely. honestly if any of my plants thrive to the point of spreading uncontrollably, i feel like they deserve the extra space for being so enthusiastic.

Katherine said...

I'll come eat the borage that gets out of hand ;) You reminded me on the to-do list three miles long here I haven't ordered my seeds. aargh. Nor have I called you back, mostly just out of lack of articulate speech these days. I haven't forsaken you. Such a joy to see the wildfoods pics you took last year.

Emily said...

a lot of those pictures were from two years ago! can you believe it? i was shocked when i had to go back to my 2008 folder.

we need to make another trip to mccall this spring like we did last year. did you ever do anything with all those four-leafed clovers you picked?