Tuesday, February 1, 2011

red light variety show: time machine

1894: World's Fair

36,000 BC: Cave Woman

1950s: House Wife

2100: Post-apocalyptic Earth

625 AD: The Arabian Desert

3011: Space Exploration

1932: The Dust Bowl Era

1970s: Funkerific

1888: American Old West

1790: Gypsy Caravan

1920s: The Jazz Age

1951: Robots

1982: To the Max

20,000 BC: Ice Age

1900s: Dragon Lady

1860: Victorian London


Allison said...

YOU are SO GOOD! Thank you for taking pictures of us:)

GoneferalinID said...

Those are some awesome photographs! I'd love to frame them and hang them up at home. Thanks for a great night.

Emily said...

allison--thank you! happy to do it anytime.

goneferal--thanks! if you'd like prints i can email you some full-res files w/out the watermark, just let me know.

be said...