Thursday, February 17, 2011

spring moss socks

i finished these socks last night. the colors remind me of moss growing on wet soil. i used the same pattern as the last pair but came up with a new color chart.

my favorite part is the cuffs:

it’s regular k1p1 ribbing, but with all the knit stitches green and all the purl stitches brown, which somehow made the purls bump up rather than being recessed. it's not super elastic like normal ribbing, but it creates a great texture, very nubbly, feels sort of like running your fingers along hair that’s just been pressed in a crimping iron.

yes indeed, that is a background of snow. the weather yesterday was bonkers. it’s been so warm and spring-like lately--64 on tuesday!--then yesterday it was mid-40s, snowy in the early afternoon, then the snow melted, then a huge storm cloud dumped hail, thunder and lightning, crazy wind, then more snow, then it got sunny and everything melted again, then after midnight there was a short blizzard. when i woke up there was over an inch on the ground. now it’s sunny again and starting to melt.


Andrea said...

Beautiful, beautiful colors and pattern. What is the yarn? Can you recommend a nice cotton yarn?

Chente said...


Emily said...

andrea--thank you so much. the yarn is vanna's choice. i haven't used much cotton yarn other than lily sugar 'n cream, but i have some lion brand recycled cotton in my stash along with a cotton/corn fiber blend that i will probably use pretty soon. i'll let you know when i do.


GoneferalinID said...

I'm glad I didn't repulse you with my wool today. I have such a love for the stuff (and the critters it comes from).

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. The tea was delicious and the company was wonderful.

Emily said...

indeed! i had a fabulous time. we should definitely do that again soon. and i can't wait to see how the driftwood/wool-stone mobile turns out. thank you again for the amazing batik--i have it hanging up in my room waiting for inspiration.