Thursday, March 10, 2011

early buds and blossoms

a couple of my super-early seedlings already have buds--above is cape gooseberry. i didn’t realize it’s a certain variety of groundcherry rather than an alternate name for groundcherry, and it doesn’t have the ultrasoft fuzzy leaves like the ones i grew last year. so i got some seeds for regular groundcherries too.

first tomato buds! yay!

jelly melon is sending out feelers. it’s getting pretty tall. i doubt it could survive transplant, especially when i can’t put it out for another two months.

i didn’t know that moon & stars watermelon foliage is splotched yellow just like the melons. it’s pretty enough to be an ornamental houseplant, i think.

mushrooms are looking good. the ones that started growing a couple weeks ago didn’t grow very much before they dried out, so i picked those off and it started again almost immediately. now i have the whole kit covered with a plastic bag to retain humidity and it’s doing much better. i couldn’t keep things moist enough without it.

the first two little purple crocuses popped up in my front yard today. i wonder if purples come up a bit later than the yellow ones--i’ve been seeing yellow crocuses for about a week.


Jessica said...

I noticed the same thing. My purple crocuses just bloomed early this week as well, but we've had crocuses around, including a random pink one in the middle of my yard, for a few weeks. Maybe they do tend to bloom later.

Sy's Prints said...

I love spring

M said...

So inspiring! Things are really in bloom around here. I can't get motivated/energized to get my garden started but seeing your photos will do for now. :)