Thursday, March 10, 2011

artist's garden

i interviewed a local artist today and he gave me a tour of his amazing garden. he has no lawn whatsoever, i love it!

the back yard is all ornamental, along with most of the front, but he does have around half a dozen rectangular veggie beds out front. nothing growing there right now. one of the beds is covered in a beautiful assortment of hens and chicks:

he trained apple trees (while they were saplings) to wind through this fence:

out front is one of the coolest trees i’ve ever seen:

he said it’s some kind of elm, and it grows this way naturally, all twisted on itself.

i want to go back there sometime...this is obviously not the ideal time of year for garden-ogling (gogling?). he said it looks best in may.

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be said...

it's impressive looking, even at it's not-finest :)