Sunday, July 10, 2011

tasty tasty photo assault

i hardly have the energy to write so this will mostly be pictures. it’s amazing what a difference july makes, in the garden and elsewhere. suddenly summer’s flying by.

lettuces stuck around longer than they reasonably should have given the hot temperatures. i started covering them with some light cotton cloth during the day which added probably two weeks to their lives.

i finally harvested the last of the red oak leaf on july 5, and as of the 10th i’m all out of home-grown lettuce.

damn good while it lasted.

now all that’s left in the salad bed is super-tasty sorrel. i seeded the empty space with cumin, black cumin and five types of basil.

it’s fun having seedlings back on my windowsill. the one on the far right is a weird story. it’s a type of ornamental eggplant called “pumpkin on a stick,” and the seeds literally took a month and a half to germinate. i figured they were duds, i wasn’t watering them and the only reason it was still around is because i’m lazy.

i stuffed some squash blossoms with rice, veggies and my first black hungarian pepper, then tied them off with chives and sautéed.

i’ve gotten three zucchini now...

a couple dozen tomatoes, favas, ground cherries and strawberries,

and one eggplant, picked july 8. i sliced it up with the zucchini and used them as pizza toppings, along with some kale, chard and parsley. the rock-ish thing in the photo is an accidentally-harvested purple majesty potato.

there’s already another eggplant ready to pick. this plant’s making me so very happy. every flower sets fruit.

same with turkish orange. there are over a dozen alien-looking little orbs swelling on its decorative, spine-free branches.

in a lot of ways this variety is more like a tomato than an eggplant.

tiny tim is an odd plant. the one i stuck in the ground is much shorter and more sprawling than container-grown, one of which is probably twice as tall but a third as wide. the fruit varies greatly in size, from about a quarter inch diameter to an inch and a half. most are around 3/4in. they started ripening at the beginning of the month, and they’re so delicious.


Tammy said...

Wow, your harvest is looking great.
The stuffed zucchini blossoms look Amazing! as do all of your tomatoes. Everything is just beautiful.

Bumble Lush (A Garden Blog) said...

What an amazing harvest! Your tomatoes look great, especially Tiny Tim. My Tiny Tim is in a container and very cute and compact. It has lots of fruit, just waiting for them to turn red.

What's the 8th picture down? They look like tomatillo husks? Beautiful pictures, as always.

Emily said...

tammy--thanks so much!

bumble lush--those are ground cherries. they're closely related to tomatillo (in the physalis family) but much smaller and different tasting--i think they taste like a combination of cheddar cheese, strawberries and tomato.

your tiny tim is looking great too. i can't wait to hear what you think of the flavor--i think they're extra tasty.