Sunday, July 24, 2011

tomato freaks

i guess this one isn’t exactly a freak--it’s supposed to look like this. i harvested my first two reisetomates.

the seed catalogue warned these might be very sour and not so tasty. i grew them for looks alone and thought i’d end up mixing most of them into sauce, but they taste delicious to me. a little bit sour, but in a good way, with a sweetness that balances it out, and a pleasant texture.

here’s one deconstructed. the numerous fused segments pull apart easily. it reminded me of separating pomegranate arils, but on a much larger and less frustrating scale.

this tomato, on the other hand, is a true freak. it looks normal from the top, but turn it over...

and you can see its malformed parasitic twin popping out of its butt. this mutant is a chocolate stripe tomato that grew from a double blossom.

cut in half you can clearly see the innard-twin.

separation surgery is a success!

i’m burying the lede...this might be the best tomato i’ve ever tasted. (my previous favorite was chocolate cherry. i think i need to grow every variety of tomato that has the word “chocolate” in its name.)

when i first took a bite it gave me a jolt, like when you take the first sip from a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. it shocks your tastebuds a little. once i got over that initial feeling and realized what was going on, i fell into absolute tomatophoria.

i gave part of it to my mom, partly because i wanted to share the gloriousness but also to make sure i wasn’t imagining the fabulosity. she was stupefied as well. “it’s like a whole different category. it’s like a...tomelon.”


Vetsy said...

I like these interesting post you share with us on your very interesting garden veggies.

Is the lede a heirloom or just a new unique variety? Hopfully I'll have more time to get into trying out different varieties of veggies next year.

the Knottie Knitta said...

oh my gosh, spoon...if you let me try one of these (or one of each? :) ) i will make you some super yummy vegan salsa verde! and whatever! a tie for andy perhaps? :)

Emily said...

vetsy--thank you! "the lede" is part of an expression, "burying the lede," meaning i wrote the less important things about it before the most important thing...sorry for being unclear. the tomato variety is chocolate stripe. i'm not sure if it's old enough to qualify as heirloom, but it definitely is open pollinated.

spoony--haha, andy could always use more pretties. i'll let you know when i have some more ripe ones.

Bumble Lush (A Garden Blog) said...

Great pictures! I'm into the freaky fruit this year. And the fact that they tasted good is even better. Chocolate cherry--on my list for next year's crop. I'll have to find room for it.

GoneferalinID said...

Wow, you made me want to grow them next year. And I need to do a garden post.

Emily said...

bumble lush--thank you! i need to make room for chocolate cherry next year too. i miss having it this year.

goneferal--yeah you do! so do i. i have so many photos waiting for me to make the time to put them up. maybe i'll do that tonight.