Sunday, September 18, 2011

funky punks

i told my dad i had a pumpkin growing. “but it’s not a normal, orange pumpkin.”

“of course not, if you’re growing it.”

“it’s blue, and it’s shaped like a tri-corner hat.”

“how is it a pumpkin?”

“’s a pumpkin.”

the variety is called “shamrock” (a.k.a. “triamble”), an old australian heirloom with blue-green skin and deep orange insides.

from the top this one looks like an old witch:


Bumble Lush said...

Love it! I like that it looks like a witch from the top.

Emily said...

me too--i'd like to carve more features into the face but since it's the only one i have i'm reluctant to mess with it.