Saturday, September 3, 2011

basilica bonanza

last year i didn’t grow enough basil. this year i overcompensated. i’ve had at least one container growing indoors since february, but i waited until much later in the season to start any outdoors--late june, maybe even july--then instead of planting in the hottest, sunniest areas like i did last year, i chose cooler, shadier areas. it worked.

now i have five containers, two areas in the main garden bed and almost an entire side of a raised bed devoted to basil. one of my favorite things to do in the garden is go up to the raised bed and give the plants a big, gentle hug, then bury my nose in their leaves.

ten varieties: sweet, lettuce leaf, thai, red rubin, lemon, lime, opal, dwarf greek, spicy globe, and holy (a.k.a. tulsi).


Vetsy said...

They are so pretty to look at and nice to eat as well. Very nice.

Emily said...

thanks vetsy! i agree. my favorite part might be the smell, though.

Andrea said...

I wish I had a garden full of basil plants to brush up against. The fragrance is so gorgeous.

Emily said...

totally. if you're ever in boise you should come sniff my plants, hehe.