Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 garden plants

i don't think i've ever posted a comprehensive list of all the plants i'm growing in a season. i'm a total plant nerd, so this might only be interesting to me. the varieties in italics are starts or seeds that i haven't planted out yet, and the varieties with astrisks are ones i haven't grown before:

black and red boar
black zebra cherry
brown berry*
chocolate cherry
chocolate stripe x2

cream sausage
fuzzy wuzzy

green zebra
hahms gelbe
japanese black trifele*
lemon drop*

lime green salad*
monkey ass*
orange flesh purple smudge*

OSU blue x2
roughwood golden tiger x2
snow white cherry*

tiny tim
vintage wine
white currant x3
zapotec pleated*

+ numerous volunteer mystery tomatoes

non-tomato nightshades:
eggplant, listada di gandia

eggplant, casper*
eggplant, shoya long*
eggplant, udmalbet*
ground cherries
naranjilla* x2
pepper, big bertha*
pepper, black hungarian

pepper, cherry bomb*
pepper, choricero
pepper, corno di toro giallo

pepper, fish
pepper, joe's long cayenne
pepper, nepalese bell*
pepper, sarga cseresznye*
pepper, whitney*
potato, all blue*
potato, russian banana fingerling*

tomatillos, volunteer/mystery variety x3

beans & peas:
dragon tongue bush
golden sweet pea*
purple queen bush
rattlesnake pole
royal burgundy bush

cukes & melons:
cucumber, jelly melon*
cucumber, sweet marketmore
watermelon, blacktail mountain*
watermelon, moon and stars*
watermelon, orangelo*

squash, pumpkins & gourds:
gourd, bule*
gourd, dinosaur*

pumpkin, rouge vif d'etamps*
pumpkin, triamble/shamrock
squash, black magic zucchini

squash, peter pan* x3
squash, ronde de nice
squash, straightneck yellow

non-potato root veggies:
beet, chioggia
beet, detroit dark red
carrot, cosmic purple
carrot, solar yellow
carrot, lunar white
garlic, purple glazer
onion, sweet yellow*
radish, french breakfast
radish, sparkler white tip
radish, purple plum

greens, brassicas and herbs:
basil, dwarf greek
basil, holy/tulsi (red & green)*

basil, opal
basil, sweet

basil, thai
broccoli, purple sprouting
kale, dinosaur*
kale, red russian
kohlrabi, purple vienna
lettuce, flame
lettuce, freckles
lettuce, red oak leaf
parsley, italian flat leaf

sage, bicolor


aloe, fire ranch*
corn, blue jade dwarf
strawberries, eversweet
strawberries, quinault
strawberries, white alpine* x3


GoneferalinID said...

Holy crap, that is a lot of plants! I can't wait to see them. Maybe we can have a visit over the weekend or next.

Lauren said...

Holy crap indeed! I can't believe how many things you have planted.

Bumble Lush Kitchen Garden said...

That's amazing! How big is your garden? Can't wait to see what monkey ass and some of the other tomatoes look like. :)

Emily said...

it is a lot for sure. i have four garden spaces--two small, one medium and one huge, and the total square footage is about 1,090. monkey ass should be really interesting. it's a recently-renamed heirloom from ceserta, riardo, italy, grown by the same family for generations. the fruit is pink with a big fold at the blossom end creating two large lobes, resembling a baboon's butt.