Monday, May 21, 2012

teensie tiny harvest monday

 today i picked a small handful of white alpine strawberries from a plant my friend jeanne grew from seed and gave me as a housewarming gift. they're delicious! there were a couple dried up berries from last year so i picked off the seeds and started a few seedlings, too.

 my apple tree is full of tiny apples! and i found a tree in the back yard that i thought was pear but is actually cherry. it has some fruit, and so does one of the quince bushes in front. this is extra cool because i don't think i'll have as much time to go out foraging this year.

 bonsai tomato the second!

 the ladies look almost like grown chickens now, just about half size (maybe one third size? i'm not sure). one of these days i'll post more in depth about their personalities.

they're out in their coop full-time now, and i let them out to explore whenever i'm home. lately when they catch a glimpse of me inside they hop up on the windowsill and peck at the glass. beggars! they demand grape treats. (of all the tasty things they've tried, grapes are by far the favorite. they also love watermelon, squash, lettuce and broccoli.)


GoneferalinID said...

I'm glad you like the strawberries! I need to come visit you, Andy, and the chicks.

Bee Girl said...

Those strawberries are so cute! And your chickens...they *are* almost grown ups! :-) Good stuff!

Kim and Victoria said...

We're having a garden party next month and you're invited. Email me for the particulars. victoriaslifeinidaho at yahoo dot com

Lauren said...

I hope that your chickens don't eat your garden! I thought it would be nice to let mine free range in ours... big mistake. They started to eat the buds off of the green beans and peppers. :( I put up poultry fencing around the raised bed so that they couldn't nom on it.

Looks like things are great with you - I wish that we lived closer!

Emily said...

goneferal--yeah you do! are you around this weekend?

bee girl--amazing how fast they mature isn't it?

victoria--how exciting! thanks for the invite.

lauren--wow! good to hear from you, it's been so long. my garden areas are fenced off--the fencing isn't very tall and the chickens can flutter over it, but so far they've only done so once. i wish we lived closer too!