Sunday, June 10, 2012


today i got my first few ripe delicious cherry tomatoes, and finished planting the rest of my tomato starts. i might still add some duplicates but now i have at least one of each of the 23 varieties i'm growing this season. still need to work on peppers and eggplants. not only has it been chilly and rainy lately, but i've been sick, so i'm even further behind with planting than i would be due to general busy-ness.

it feels great to have the tomatoes done. they're the most important thing in the garden to me--if i could only grow one thing there's no question it would be maters.

other gardeners: what would you grow if you had to limit yourself to one thing?


Bee Girl said...

Congrats on your first tomatoes! We just harvested our first toms of the year, too! There's really nothing like a homegrown tomato!!!

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

Potatoes. :D But you knew that already. 23 tomatoes varieties? Seems a bit excessive. ;)

GoneferalinID said...

I love my tomatoes, then maybe eggplants. I really liked corn, but we haven't done that for 2 years.

Jessica said...

Sunflowers! No, wait, tomatoes! No, wait, beans! I don't know, that's a tough tough question. Congrats on your first; they look awesome. And hope that you're feeling better.