Friday, June 29, 2012

creeping bellflower

 One common name in Europe is rampion, after which the Old World fairy tale figure Rapunzel is named. In that story her father steals a rampion plant from a witch’s magic garden to aid his wife in childbirth, and as punishment Rapunzel is exiled to a tower. Other common names include creeping bluebell, European bellflower, garden bluebell, June bell, rampion bellflower, and rover bellflower.
 these plants are considered a weed, extremely difficult to eradicate, but why would i want to? the bees love them, they're beautiful, and they're edible--roots, shoots, leaves and flowers. plus they make my house look even more cottage-y.


Kim and Victoria said...

Lovely. But your photography makes all the difference. I wouldn't get rid of them either.

Bumble Lush Kitchen Garden said...

Beautiful! I didn't know about the connection with Rapunzel. They're such pretty flowers, I wouldn't yank them as weeds either. Sorry to hear about your pumpkin and watermelon seedlings. Hope the rest of your garden fares better!