Wednesday, August 8, 2012

egg white

first white egg today! i think it was wynnie.

here she is being a chicken cameleon (chick-EE-lee-en):

i looked closely at prinnie's earlobes, which are supposed to indicate egg color, and they're seafoam green. (before i started reading about chickens, i didn't even know they had earlobes.) i think i read that anconas are capable of producing, but rarely do produce, tinted eggs. maybe she's one of those rare birds. it would be so neat to have three chickens with three different colors of eggs.

minnie's laid an egg every day since she started. i ate the first one and now i've saved half a dozen--i'm hoarding them to share with visiting family this weekend.


Lauren said...

I love your girls - they are sooo gorgeous! Prinnie's feathers are beautiful. :)

Next year I want to get some Araucana or Americaunas so that I can have more diverse egg colors. Everyone I have now will lay brown eggs.

It's all so egggggciting!! :)

GoneferalinID said...

The girls are looking great. Maybe we can have a visit next week. You can come see my mess of a garden.