Monday, August 6, 2012

harvest monday, 8.16.12

my poor neglected garden is overrun with weeds right now. i haven't had as much time/energy to put into gardening this year as i thought i would. i'm way more focused on the animals.

minnie has laid an egg every day since friday! i thought they'd be sporadic for a while, but apparently not. still waiting for the other two.

i got this cute chicken basket at a fabulous antique/thrift store called mixed bag bazaar.

i'm enjoying the small plates of homegrown food i get every day or two.

pretty small onions too. but still tasty.

no ripe big tomatoes yet, only small ones. lots of green.

my fuzzy wuzzy tomatoes are ripening (above). these are very rare, special tomatoes that i sent away for from a tomato gardener in the netherlands (i couldn't find them anywhere in the states). they grow to less than a foot tall, with heart-shaped red fruit with shiny orange stripes. the leaves and fruit are covered in a soft, velvety fuzz:

naranjilla is blooming! look at those wicked thorns. for scale, the biggest leaves are about a foot and a half long, not counting the stem.


Adventures in Agriburbia said...

What a beautiful harvest you have this week!

Rowena... said...

I'll have to look into that fuzzy wuzzy tomatoes since I am a sucker for anything exotic. Your chicken basket and colorful plates of food are beautiful (how I wish I could raise chickens here but the dogs would never have it).

rowena@The Proud Garden

Jenny said...

Love the exotic look of the fuzzy tomato. How does it taste?

the Knottie Knitta said...

Oh my gosh spoon, we were just at that store like a week ago and I was admiring that basket! Did you talk to the owners? Sweet little lesbian couple...super nice.
I am intrigued by your fuzzy wuzzys :) we should get together soon! I will let you know how the blackberries are doing when I check them Saturday:)

Emily said...

agriburbia--thanks so much!

rowena--my dogs are not thrilled about it either, it's a bit of a backyard juggling act. they don't share.

jenny--the taste is not terribly exciting. a little bit mealy. i pretty much grow them for their looks. and the plants are fun to touch.

spoon--yes i met amy! she was very sweet indeed. michelle wasn't there that day. they took over for the old owner, a friend of jason's, who's spending a couple years in prison. they've sunk a lot of their own money into the shop, and apparently things are not going that well, so we should all give them lots of business!