Friday, December 14, 2012


tonight i'm buying the camera of my dreams, the canon 5d mark ii. i'm excited because i've wanted one for so long, but also freaking out because i'm a tightwad and it's a lot of money.

i keep reminding myself that this is normal. lots of people drop large sums of money on their hobbies, or other nonessential, extravagant things. (like, check out this super classy bruce lee pen set, a steal at $290k. it's literally one of the things that come up when you google "expensive.")

in the scheme of things this splurge is not that big of a getting a haircut, it will grow back eventually (hopefully).

can you tell i'm still working on justifying this?

 it's going to be my first full-frame sensor, professional-grade camera. luckily i have two very nice lenses that will still work with it, including the 100mm f/2.8 macro i used for many of the shots in this post. my speedlite flash unit will still work, too, and a few other accessories. all in all about $1k worth of equipment that i won't have to replace. my old walking-around lens is an EF-S that won't fit, but it wouldn't perform very well on this camera anyway. the new multipurpose lens, which alone costs over $1k (*faint*), is L-series glass, another thing i've never had a taste of before.

are you treating yourself to anything special for xmas this year? and if so, how do you justify it--by googling bruce lee pens, or...?


Goneferal inidaho said...

YES! Good for you! I can't wait to oogle your camera. Your phtography inspired me to get my Nikon D7000 (you haven't met that one yet, the D5100 was too plasticy. Happy cristmas to us! We'll have to take the new cameras out for a stroll soon.

Vetsy said...

I agree, I think we should splurge once in a while, we work hard we deserve it. I haven't come up with my super splurgy gift yet...There are so many things I want! I can't make up my mind! " Good for you though...I know you're really going to Enjoy it!

Emily said...

goneferal--yes we should! i think seeing you get your camera gave me a little more courage to push the button on this. especially after i had that dream about both of our cameras, now both parts of the dream came true!

vetsy--i hope you're able to decide on a really good splurge for yourself. :) we do deserve it!

Gina said...

I see it as an investment for you. Your photography is amazing!