Saturday, December 22, 2012

yaycation! + photos a glow-glow

today is my first day of holiday vacation. eleven days off in a row! getting paid while not working is a totally foreign concept, having only ever had part-time jobs where paid vacation and holidays do not exist whatsoever.

my new camera arrived thursday and immediately erased any doubts i might've had about the purchase. the light sensitivity is absolutely amazing, it's almost like it creates light where there is none. that's my favorite thing about it so far.

last night i went with cam and her boyfriend to winter garden aglow at the idaho botanical gardens.


Goneferal inidaho said...

Wonderful photos! I'm going to try to get over to the garden with mine to play around a bit.

Bumble Lush Garden said...

Great pictures! I like the decorations that are light clusters hanging from the branches. I've never thought to check and see if our botanical gardens do something like this. Enjoy your vacation!

Lauren said...

So pretty! I love your new camera!! :):)