Wednesday, May 28, 2008

definitely too tired to think of a title

i didn’t think this new job was going to stress me out so much. i got over the initial ultra-anxiety of being in a new place with new people and not knowing what i was doing, but now things are just insanely busy and all kinds of new responsibilities are being piled onto my desk. for a couple days i was elated, wondering how i got so lucky—days when i did editing and proofreading all day, things i know how to do and do quite well. i got comfortable with my mac, and figured out indesign (the program we use for layout) without much trouble. i even got to write a couple ending paragraphs for articles, which was a little awkward but fine. but now i’m taking over the distribution responsibilities, an area of the company that is currently in shambles, and it’s looking like kind of a nightmare.

in the interest of my future sanity, i think it’s going to be important for me to figure out a way that i can make a living off some of my hobbies. i’ve always avoided mixing business and pleasure that way, because i’d much rather give things away; charging money for stuff i enjoy producing takes away from the enjoyment. but i’m at a point where i can live with that.

or maybe i should get a job as a professional proofreader. i’m sure i could do better than whoever proofread the magazine before i did last week—i caught a load of mistakes that both the editor and the pros missed. i know it’s mostly a matter of having multiple people read through, and i’m sure i missed some errors myself, but few people are as obsessive and meticulous as i am about proofreading. i’m kind of a fiend for grammar and punctuation and whatnot. it might not seem like it, because i deliberately disregard those sorts of rules in pretty much all my writing, but i really am. reading and finding fault in other’s writing would basically be the perfect job for me.

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