Sunday, May 4, 2008

sparkle pretty

i went out mother’s day shopping yesterday. i got my mom two ceramic planters, and filled them with a couple different types of basil, and some petunias and paper moons. i also got her a gorgeous iceland poppy, and a tomato plant from the produce stand on broadway. that produce stand is the next best thing to having a subsistence farm in my back yard. i bought some tangelos there the other day that were delectable…and tasty asparagus, too, at about 1/3 the grocery store price. the only bad thing is its proximity to st. vinnie’s. i can’t help myself.

my garden’s doing really well, despite all the overnight freezes. of the seedlings, lettuce was the first to sprout, then peas, then cabbage, then carrots, and today i saw the first cucumber and parsley sprouts. everything looks so healthy. still waiting on peppers—i’d almost given up on them, but when i saw the cucumber and parsley today it gave me hope.

nightcrawlers are amazing. i’ve gone out a few times with a flashlight, in the middle of the night, scouring my back yard for them. they’re all over the place. probably three or four per square foot, and they’re all big and fat and quick. not easy to catch, but i’ve caught 20 or so and transplanted them into the garden. i’m pretty sure a few have been taken by the birds. worms are just incredible. it’s hard to tell in daylight, but at night under a flashlight their skin is pearlescent and beautiful. and they’re so strong. i’d love to have a worm farm someday.

i’m not ready to accept that this is the last week of classes. the comprehension is hitting me in waves. i only have one final test, the rest are portfolios or other projects…the only thing i’m stressed about is this goddamn lit paper. 10-12 pages that have been hanging over my head the last four months. the professor has been reminding us about it almost every week, with optimistic statements indicating her mistaken faith that we had all started, we were all working on it, we’re all almost finished. i’ve been willfully ignoring it because i know i won’t start until the last minute anyway—it’s easier if i accept my fate.

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